Sunday, December 11, 2011


Have you ever had trouble with the computer? Well, guess what happened to me.

I was working on my game for about four hours. I opened two copies of my file to study one, and work on the other one. I pretty much finished the game, so I went to save it. I saved the one I was working on. And then ... I saved the original file.

Oh No! Where's my work?!

You might be thinking, "What's so bad about that?" But there is something very bad about that. I lost all of my work. What happened was both files had the same name and I saved the original one last. That made the computer think that it was the latest work that I did when in fact it was not.

I got very upset. We called a computer consultant, my friend Ronan's dad and told him the situation. We asked him if he had any idea of how to get the work back. He did. I began to feel better. But, when we tried it, we couldn't find the file. I got upset again. It was gone for good.

This was REALLY bad. I would have to do everything all over again. Another thing that got me upset was that I had finished the project and all the latest work got deleted.

After a day, I went back to it. I worked on it as fast as I could. Luckily, I re-created the work I lost on my game. I also learned a few things!

  1. How to add sound in

  2. Make the enemies and the bullets disappear when they touch

  3. Add a score in

  4. How to add a game over level
But, most importantly I learned to be careful when I save!!

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